European Peace Campaign Summer 2017 [part two]

“let them turn away from evil and do good; let them seek peace and pursue it.”

(1 Peter 3:11)


NCCK continues the Peace Campaign in our second week. Despite experiencing rainy weather, lodging mix ups, and passport problems we continue to tell our story of peace in the Korean peninsula being the first step to peace in the world.


World Communion of Reformed Churches (Leipzig, Germany): July 2-3

The NCCK along with the Korean Christian Federation in North Korea were able to join together for a special Agape Luncheon arranged by the WCRC for the promotion of peace in the Korean peninsula. It was a moving service for all who attended to witness KCF and NCCK delegates participate in communion and worship side by side. In his sermon during the communion service, Rev. Kang Myung Chul, the chair of the KCF stressed that the churches in the North and South must be the agencies of peace-making in spite of all barriers and obstacles. Rev. Kim Young Ju gave brief greetings talking about the importance of having a peace treaty in the Korean peninsula, and Dr. Suh Bohyug spelled out the contents of peace treaty articles drafted by the NCCK.


Taize Community (Taize, France): July 4

NCCK traveled to France to learn more about the spirituality in the Taize Community. Brother Alois, Prior of Taize, told us that many young people seem to be attracted by the spirituality of simplicity, humbleness and sharing in the Taize community. He shared about their involvement in the peace works and humanitarian initiatives for Syrian refugees. Brother Alois also shared that they have been able to send humanitarian aid to North Korea and will continue to do so as long as they are able. Before leaving the community, NCCK had the opportunity to participate in the evening prayer service with Brother Alois giving a special prayer for peace in Korea.


World Council of Churches (Geneva, Switzerland): July 6

The NCCK delegation had an opportunity to learn more about the life and mission of the WCC, specifically their Youth Engagement programs, Ecumenical Theological Education programs, and the Justice and Peace Pilgrimage program. NCCK spoke more with Dr. Peter Prove giving more of an update on the progress of the campaign. The NCCK delegation discussed with Dr. Martin Robra how WCC and NCCK can contribute to peace-building in the Northeast Asia through the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace 2019 that will focus on the Korean peninsula.


World Alliance of YMCA (Geneva, Switzerland): July 6

On the last day, NCCK met with World Alliance YMCA Secretary General, Rev. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik. He spoke specifically about the new direction YMCA is moving toward that includes a space for justice and peace advocacy works. It was a brief meeting but powerful nonetheless.


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